Chinese Medicine for Acne and Skin Conditions

Chinese Medicine for Acne: The Safer, Happier Alternative

Dermatological conditions have been one of the most widely known and clearly recognised health issues in many disciplines of medicine, going back thousands of years. This is because in most cases the condition is clearly visible and easily recognisable.

Acne, in particular, is one of the most common skin afflictions, striking most people at some point in their teen years. Still, not uncommon is for acne to be more severe in some individuals, or to persist into adult years.

Chinese Medicine for acne is an increasingly popular option with a reputation for being relatively low on side effects compared with mainstream options.

What causes acne?

Acne results from the obstruction of sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands are the natural oil-producing glands in the skin, found in pores beneath hair follicles. This condition is most commonly caused by hair follicles or dead skin blocking the glands, at which point they can quickly become infected. The areas most affected are those with higher concentrations of sebaceous glands, such as the face and neck, chest, shoulders and back. Puberty is a common trigger, where the accompanying hormonal changes often stimulate skin oil production.

From a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, acne can be the result of a number of different types of internal imbalance — referred to as “patterns”. These patterns sound strange by Western standards, with names like Excessive Heat, Blood Stasis and Qi Stagnation. It’s important to remember, however, that despite their names, these terms are simply an alternative way of explaining the causes and effects of medicines and illness. It’s merely different terminology, but the effects — clearing sebaceous glands, regulating hormone balance and treating infection — remain just the same and as important as ever.

Generally speaking, Chinese herbal medicine tends to be more useful than acupuncture in dermatology, but this does depend upon the condition being treated. The holistic nature of Chinese medicine means that skin care treatments will also address other associated aspects of health.

Start using Chinese medicine for acne today

If you’re looking for an alternative way of addressing cysts and pimples or simply want a natural approach, with relatively minimal side effects, for acne or other dermatological conditions, consider traditional Chinese medicine.