Young woman getting acupuncture treatment on back of the neck

What to expect from Traditional Chinese Medicine

Every patient’s body is different, and therefore so is each treatment. However, it’s always useful to know what the “average” treatment course might look like.

1. Initial Assessment

During the initial visit, Chris will get an understanding of your overall health picture, starting with the precise condition or conditions that you’re looking to address. In addition to this, he’ll also examine your general physical condition (potentially including aspects which you may not think are related to the main problem), your diet, lifestyle and emotional/mental health.

2. Acupuncture and/or Chinese Herbs

The majority of treatments will likely use both herbal medicine and acupuncture, although some conditions require only one or the other. Acupuncture is done in the Orange or Bathurst clinic, and herbs are provided in the form of granulated extracts which are taken by simply dissolving in boiling water. Dr Christopher Booth is an experienced acupuncturist and herbalist and has been in practice since the late nineties.

3. Program Recommendation & Examples

At the conclusion of your initial consultation, Chris will provide you with an outline of what your treatment will likely entail. Generally speaking, the more chronic (longstanding) your condition, the longer it will take to treat.

As a general example, a patient presenting with back and neck pain (perhaps related to a sedentary office job or an old sports injury) might be treated with weekly acupuncture for 4-6 weeks, and maybe no herbal medicine would be prescribed in this case.

A patient presenting with a long-standing case of chronic fatigue syndrome might be treated for between 6 and 12 months. This may involve taking herbs daily for the duration of the treatment, and acupuncture, if required, weekly initially, before being spaced out to fortnightly and eventually monthly.

4. Treatment Costs

For up to date information on treatment costs view our pricing page.