Chinese medicine for chronic pain relief

Address Chronic Pain with Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture

Chronic pain has a lot of potential causes. Symptoms can be a result of past or current injury, illness or can even occur without explanation or any physical injury.

Chronic pain can be problematic to treat with conventional medicine for several reasons:

1. The cause remains unidentified

If a problem cannot be identified using Western medical diagnostic tools and techniques, or explained using a modern medical understanding of the body, addressing the problem becomes difficult. Treatment instead focuses on medication to block the pain but in many cases does little to correct the problem.

2. Painkillers can have powerful side effects

Sometimes the only medicines able to effectively manage chronic pain also produce a host of unwanted, and at times severe, side effects such as drowsiness, cognitive difficulties and behavioural changes. A lot of people are forced to choose between pain or medication which leaves them unable to function in daily life.

Alternative Treatments for Chronic Pain

Dr Christopher Booth (registered Chinese medicine practitioner) offers a tailored treatment plan designed to address your individual needs. For patients who choose acupuncture only, side effects, if any, are usually minimal.

Meanwhile, herbal medicines also offer a wide range of flexible options, and may be combined with acupuncture. We know how impacting chronic pain can be, and aim to help you find an alternative option.