Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture for Anxiety and Stress

Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture for Anxiety and Stress

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), mental health concerns have always been closely considered alongside more physical health issues. Any extreme of the emotions is considered a deviation from normal health and TCM provides a long history of techniques to balance the emotions.

Both herbal medicine and acupuncture for mental health issues such as anxiety and stress is easy to take and usually well tolerated.

Acupuncture for Anxiety and Other Issues

Acupuncture utilises special points situated throughout the body to achieve balance. By stimulating these points, effects may be seen locally or throughout other parts of the body. Traditionally this was explained as a regulating of the qi (energy) pathways in the body, encouraging them to return to normal functionality. From a biomedical understanding, we know that traditional Chinese qi lines correspond closely to the body’s network of nerves and electro-magnetic pathways, and that acupuncture stimulation of these spots can produce distinct effects.

Acupuncture for stress, anxiety and other mental health problems provides a drug-free approach,  often with significantly fewer side effects than mainstream drug options.

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Mental Health Disorders

Traditional Chinese medicine puts a great deal of emphasis on the use of herbal medicine. The herbs are prescribed in combinations, known as prescriptions or formulas, to create tailored medications. These are often used by themselves, or in combination with acupuncture.

The traditional Chinese herb repertoire consists of thousands of different natural ingredients, 100-200 of which are regularly used in general practise on account, which can be combined in countless ways to achieve an extraordinary range of options.

Dr Christopher Booth (Chinese medicine) is an experienced, fully registered Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist with a history of successfully helping patients who are struggling with anxiety and other mental health issues. All herbal medications dispensed by our clinic are tailored to each individual patient.