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Herbal medicine is one of the foundations of TCM, spanning thousands of different herbal combinations (known as prescriptions or formulas), each with a clear and specific theoretical background. This immense flexibility and adaptability ensures that herbal remedies are able to help with an extraordinarily wide range of conditions, even when other options have failed.

Dr Christopher Booth is a registered and qualified Chinese herbalist, and the founder of The Herb Booth, the only quality assured and ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ licensed dispenser of Chinese medicinal herbs and granulated extracts in Australia. With a lengthy history of Chinese herbal medicine practise, he has the experience to help you overcome your health problem.

All herb prescriptions supplied through us are prepared by The Herb Booth under the most rigorous controls, to the highest industry standards.

How Does Herbal Medicine Work?

The Chinese herbal library is exceptionally vast, and contains thousands of different herbs, with between 200 and 300 in regular, general practise use. They are most often used in combinations of 2 to about 20 different herbs, and tailored for specific patients and conditions. Your condition is unique, and so is the treatment. As conditions progress, prescriptions can be changed, dosages can be modified and various herbs can be added or removed from the formula. This ensures that it will always be the most relevant therapy. At our Orange Chinese herbal medicine practice, every herbal formula dispensed after consultation is customised to you. Nothing is pre-prepared.

How are the Herbs Taken?

Dr Booth uses herbs in the form of concentrated granular extracts. These can be prepared much like a cup of instant coffee. Simply dissolve the granules in hot water and drink them as tea. Not only is this an easy delivery form, but it also allows for greater quality control.

Herbal Side Effects

It’s unlikely that you will experience side effects whilst using Chinese medicine, although some people might experience slight light-headedness following acupuncture or a very mild laxative effect from herbs. However, tailored prescriptions and the vast repertoire of ingredients available mean that Dr Booth can find the best possible option to reduce the chance of side effects.

Chinese Herbs and Western Medicine Combinations

A commonly asked question is whether traditional herbs can be safely used in combination with modern medicine. The answer is almost always yes — there are very few reports of bad interactions between Chinese herbs and Western medicine, and where they do exist, experienced practitioners are familiar with them.

In fact, it’s become routine in some countries for Chinese herbalism and conventional medicine to complement each other. For example, TCM has an exceptional track record in treating the side effects of various drugs and reducing the negative impacts of intensive treatments like chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

While Chinese herbal combinations can almost always be used safely with conventional medications, it’s still important that you discuss any medications you are taking, herbal or otherwise, with your TCM practitioner during the initial consultation. They will then be able to modify your prescription accordingly to deliver better results with fewer risks.

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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

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