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Ancient Chinese Medicine

Is Ancient Chinese Medicine Still Relevant in Our Modern World?

Chinese medicine practitioners (myself included) regularly boast the lengthy history of our medicine. Whilst it is truly ancient, old doesn’t automatically mean good. Often what is old is simply out dated and there may be other, better, more modern, options. Take “Western” medicine as an example. What is practised today is very different from the […]


Fibromyalgia treatment

Acupuncture is commonly used to treat pain. In fact, treating pain is one of the true strengths of acupuncture. It works by reducing inflammation, improving micro-circulation, stimulating the release endorphins (the body’s own pain killing chemicals), and calming the nervous system. All useful in the treatment of fibromyalgia.   What is fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) […]

Classical Chinese Medicine

What is Classical Chinese medicine?

Classical Chinese medicine generally refers to the medicine of imperial China from around the time of the Han dynasty. The Han dynasty spanned four centuries (206 BC – 220 AD) and is considered by many to be the golden age of Chinese medicine. A large portion of the landmark texts of Chinese medicine were compiled […]

Dry needling

What is dry needling?

Dry needling is a term that only really came to light in recent years. But where did it come from? Is it a new therapy? What is “dry” about dry needling? To be short, dry needling is acupuncture (that is, solid needles inserted into the body for therapeutic effect) done by people not formally qualified […]


Acupuncture for Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)

Repetitive strain injuries (RSI), also known as cumulative trauma disorders (CTD), are extremely common and are one of the most frequent musculoskeletal issues to present in an acupuncture clinic. As the name suggests they are injuries of overuse. They result from repeating the same movements, again and again, over prolonged periods of time. A very […]

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Why use Chinese medicine to Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

If you have been struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome, it is likely that you’ve spent a fair amount of time searching the internet and speaking with various health professionals, and, in the process come into contact with a diverse range of treatment options. The information here gives the chronic fatigue sufferer, and carer, some guidance […]

Anxiety Treatment

More on Anxiety Treatment using Chinese Medicine

After a number of responses to our last blog post on anxiety, here’s a little more to expand on the topic. The average person might experience some mild nervousness before an exam or whilst public speaking. It is normal to feel stressed or anxious when under pressure. However these feelings should pass once removed from […]

Pre-birth acupuncture

Pre-Birth Acupuncture

Pre-birth acupuncture is acupuncture applied in the final weeks of pregnancy to prepare a woman for labour. There are a number of studies, from around the world, showing the benefits of acupuncture as a pre-labour preparation tool. Many women seek out acupuncture or Chinese herbs during pregnancy to treat active problems like nausea, heart burn, […]

Hay fever

How to Use Chinese Medicine to Overcome Hay Fever

Hello Spring…and Hello Hay Fever! In case you hadn’t noticed, hay fever season is here. The dry winter throughout the Central West will likely to see pollen counts skyrocket over the next few weeks. With spring upon us, allergic conditions such as hay fever have become problematic for a lot of people. Around 16% of […]

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